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Friday, May 25, 2012

Smoking.How long can you live?

So you very well know my intentions of writing this article.. and I  pretty much use simple english to depict my ideas to people. Well thats how it works..

So I am not blabbering again about how to stop smoking...Try google.. 
Well one thing is you should have a will to stop consuming the smoke and letting out the smoke to your childrens to breathe. If you know what I mean.

Well for all of you.. here is an inspiring small life story.
The Greek God of Bollywood: Hrithik Roshan was caught into a trap of smoking addiction due to stress. Here’s is the story behind what made him quit his addiction for good.
While doing ‘Guzaarish’ Hrithik had got friendly with two patients. John Julius and Ashutosh. John was the bright one but Ashutosh thought the world was a beautiful place but his job here was done. One day when Hrithik looked unwell, Ashutosh questioned him about his health. The weakness was prominent on HR’s face. It was because he had started to smoke for the movie. Ashutosh then made a deal with Hrithik that if he agrees to quit smoking, Ashutosh will start his physiotherapy.
When they met again on a later date, Ashutosh asked Hrithik whether he had quit cigarettes. Unfortunately the stress was so immense that Duggu couldn’t work on getting rid of his addiction. But he promised to leave smoking once and for all on the day ‘Guzaarish’ released. Later being involved in promotions and dubbing of the movie, Hrithik never got a chance to meet Ashutosh. Furthermore, when Hrithik got swamped by how badly the movie was doing on the Box Office, he got more stressed.  Although he had promised to quit, Hrithik kept puffing away packs of cigarettes. His stress and insecurities just din’t let him.
When finally he decided to visit Ashutosh, Hrithik got to know that he had passed away. While on the way to Ashutosh’s funeral, Hrithik triggered a severe reaction of an anti-biotic drug combined with smoking, which was so dangerous that the doctors called it a narrow escape. If Hrithik was late for two more minutes, he would have been dead.
Ever since that day, Hrithik decided not to touch the pack of puffs and thanks Ashutosh everyday for saving his life from his monstrous habit. It’s almost been a year since Duggu smoked last and believes that this is his second life gifted to him by Ashutosh’s well wishes for him.

Now that he has stopped smoking... Uff why am I saying this...sorry.. there may be many haters here..
Anyways you decide ..its your life.

If you wish to get a online therapy for better life- you can start here.
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One Free advice.
-Prakhyath Rai N
And I dont smoke. :)

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Why this Petrol Hike?? UPA Anniversary Bonaza

Indian Problem League (IPL)



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why this Petrol Hike?? UPA Anniversary Bonaza

Congratz UPA-2 for your anniversary bonaza... 7.50rs Extra per liter of petrol..This time I didn't LOL. I cried...
 Well, just think of those aam admi who has to ride 50/100 kms for their living... selling things... .


So you prefer this??

And here are the new rates:

And Bangalore: Unleaded Petrol: ~81.26 Rs/L

So we prefer either Drink or Drive... :P

So enough of jokes..lets become serious.How to counter this petrol Hike.
1. How could Indian Rupee go so damn low?? UPA government has to step down and let us welcome Narendra modi as PM. He has solutions always just like Obama in America.
2. Use public transport and metro ..wherever possible.
3. Prefer walking for smaller distances.. walking is as time worthy as it is waiting in heavy traffic.
4.Ask your company to provide cab out some money for your daily up and down for cab.

This are just some suggestions..after all life has to go on..Right?

And the above picture depicts the Greatest Question that can be asked... :P Lol.. again..jokes apart..

 And Finally its the Mango man( aam admi ) who faces all these tortures.

So finally we can tell one thing...
Aam admi ka lag gaya waat.... (Common man is screwed)

-Prakhyath Rai N
Aam Admi

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Indian Problem League (IPL)

LOL..... Should there be an award for Maximum Molesting.. Or Maximum Partying Or More?? Suggest some guys... But IPL is really making an International Buzz for Global Problems like Australian Man molesting American women in India :) :)

The Indian Premier League has always been about three Cs - Cash, Cricket and Controversies. Ever since it started in 2008, there has been an abundance of all three. While cash and cricket were the essence, controversies just happened.

Its a pleasure to honor these awards.... 
1.Best Match Fixing Award:

Stung by Spot-fixing claims: A TV channel carried out a sting operation that purportedly caught players on tape taking bribes to spot-fix. The BCCI immediately sprang into action and banned five players - Shalabh Srivatava, TP Sudhindra, Abhinav Bali, Mohnish Mishra, Amit Yadav - from all forms of cricket pending an inquiry for which a committee has been set up that will submit its report in 15 days. The sting operation also allegedly revealed that players were ready to negotiate outside the IPL system and the franchises are allegedly ready to pay extra money under the table.
Top 10 IPL controversies

2.Best Molester Award:

Luke Pomersbach arrested for allegedly molesting a US woman: This Australian middle-order batsman made his IPL debut for Kings XI Punjab. But in 2011, he was bought by the Royal Challengers Bangalore for $50,000. In IPL 5, he has made headlines not for his cricketing skills but for his arrest by the Delhi Police for molesting a US woman of Indian origin.
Top 10 IPL controversies

3.Best Trouble Maker award: (heard Akon's trouble maker song... ?? )

SRK scuffle at Wankhede: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been handed a five-year ban from entering the Wankhede Stadium by the Maharashtra Cricket Association. The association has charged him with voluntarily hurt and criminal intimidation of stadium staff during an argument on Wednesday night after a Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians match. The MCA alleged that Shah Rukh was drunk.

The actor admits he used abusive language but says he was provoked by security personnel pushing and touching his children and their friends. He has also denied that he was drunk and instead has countered that he was bullied by the MCA officials who he says were high-handed.

Top 10 IPL controversies

4.Best Terminated Team Award:

Termination of Kochi team: Kochi Tuskers Kerala team had a tumultuous start and a tormented end in the IPL. After a controversial entry into the cash-rich T20 league, that also saw cabinet minister Shashi Tharoor vacate his post, the Kochi team failed to sustain. Its contract was terminated in September by the BCCI for breaching its terms of agreement. The trigger for the decision was the franchise's inability to furnish a new bank guarantee for 2011.
Top 10 IPL controversies

5.Best Clash Award:

Shane Warne vs Sanjay Dixit: Last year Shane Warne was involved in a public spat with Sanjay Dixit, President of Rajasthan Cricket Association. He abused Dixit after his team's loss against Bangalore in Jaipur. Reason: Pitch used for that game, and the previous one against Chennai Super Kings, was different from the one Warne's team had enjoyed a strong home advantage on. He was fined $50,000. (Photo courtesy:

Top 10 IPL controversies

6.Best 'Celebrity to be dumped' Award

KKR Dump Dada, infuriate Kolkata: When Kolkata Knight Riders left out Sourav Ganguly after the third season, the City of Joy was enraged. And though in the last two years, Kolkata has accepted to have a team without its Prince, they were critical of Shah Rukh when Dada was given a cold shoulder.

SRK had recently expressed his annoyance at being compared with the left-hander constantly.
Top 10 IPL controversies

7.Best Sack Award:

Sacking of Lalit Modi: Minutes before the presentation ceremony of the 2010 IPL final, Lalit Modi, who conceived the idea of this tournament and made it a huge success, was sacked as the IPL commissioner for alleged misappropriation of funds. A legal case was filed against him. The former IPL boss is currently in London. 

Top 10 IPL controversies

8.Best Latecomer Award:

Ravindra Jadeja banned: Ravindra Jadeja was the biggest buy of this season with $2 million. But he was banned from playing in the IPL 2010 for trying to negotiate a contract with another franchise and in turn delaying the signing of his contract with Rajasthan Royals.
Top 10 IPL controversies

9.Best 'Fuck Off 'Award:

When Modi showed Hirwani the door: Narendra Hirwani, the Central Zone representative and former Test player, was reportedly asked to leave the VIP enclosure at Brabourne Stadium by Commissioner Lalit Modi. Modi later tried to downplay the incident. "It was a misunderstanding concerning accreditation. Hirwani didn't have the ticket for the seat he was occupying," he said. (Photo courtesy:

Top 10 IPL controversies

10.Best Slap Award:

Harbhajan slaps Sreesanth: It happened in the very first season of the IPL and perhaps was the first controversy of this tournament. In April 2008 at Mohali, after a match between Mumbai Indians skipper Harbhajan Singh slapped Kings XI Punjab pacer Sreesanth.

Top 10 IPL controversies

Last one was.....LOL.. just cannot write more.. :P

And now mora and  More problems  just in....

Some drugs too involved ....

"Two Indian Premier League cricketers were suspected to be among the nearly 100 detained by the Mumbai police during a drug bust on Sunday evening. .... "

Keep it coming people...we have still more than a week left... Will give you more awards..

Thanks for reading.... 

- Prakhyath Rai N (Blog Admin)

Sorry Ma’am, but I am not a Maoist-- Open letter to chief minister

Before you read this post... You should have watched this Video.. 

Saw this video..The Best word I can give to this lady above is "YUCK"....

In REPLY .....Here is an Open letter by the girl who asked the question- Taniya Bhardwaj (accused Maoist) 

Sorry Ma’am, but I am not a Maoist

- Open letter to chief minister
Taniya Bhardwaj asking the question. Picture by Pradip Sanyal
Question Time Didi, organised by CNN-IBN at the Town Hall on Friday evening, was meant to be a platform for Mamata Banerjee to field questions from a cross-section of Calcuttans on the eve of her completing one year as chief minister. But less than 12 minutes and five questions into the event, Mamata stormed off, accusing some students of being “Maoists and CPM cadres”.
Taniya Bhardwaj, a Presidency University student whose question about the conduct of some of her ministers prompted Mamata to take off her lapel microphone and leave, writes a letter to her chief minister via The Telegraph:
Sorry Ma’am, but I am not a Maoist.
That is what you, the most important person in Bengal, labelled me at the CNN-IBN question-answer session on Friday at the Town Hall.
What exactly did I do to deserve this honour? I just asked you a question.
I had gone to the Town Hall on Friday just over a year after attending the CNN-IBN Battle for Bengal panel discussion at the same venue on April 21, 2011, and then a few days later, voting for change.
This is what I had written on April 28, 2011, in The Telegraph: “Changeathon 2011 is the most anticipated in recent history…. What makes it particularly exciting is the prospect of a revamped Calcutta ‘in 200 days’, the large number of fresh faces contesting the elections, the renewed hope for industrialisation…. I will vote with my fingers crossed — hoping for paribartan in the truest sense. And when I head to the polling booth, it won’t merely be a voting room, but more like a ‘changing room’.”
I had also written: “We want change, but are scared that we will move from a frying pan to a burning stove. Call me a sceptic, but I don’t see either political party as a positive alternative for Bengal.”
Sadly, a year later, you have proved — on national television — how right I was.
What did I do to earn the label of a Maoist and a CPM cadre from you?
I merely asked you whether affiliates of your party, specifically minister Madan Mitra and MP Arabul Islam, who wield power should act/should have acted more responsibly.
I, like many others, was greatly disturbed when Madan Mitra pronounced his own judgement on a rape victim before the police were done investigating. The Arabul Islam case, of course, is still making headlines.
I asked you what had been on the minds of most people around me, people who had voted for paribartan. Is this what we expect of our leaders? The ones who set examples and who people follow. This is all that I wanted to know.
What I got to know, instead, was that in Bengal today, asking a question can be equivalent to a Maoist act.
You also spoke of democracy. The answers you gave to the questions you took before mine were sprinkled with words like “people”, “democracy”, “Bengal”. But one of the most important features of a true democracy, which I have learnt as a student of political science, is the freedom of expression. This freedom means to be able to express oneself, to be able to question, to not have to mince words out of fear of authority, to be able to enjoy a chuckle or two at a cartoon about important public figures.
Sadly, there seems to have been a dramatic failure of this aspect of the democratic machinery in the state. And just like I won’t become a Maoist simply because you called me one, the state too won’t epitomise democracy unless it is truly democratic in all spheres.
All said and done, what you did was in haste, and it made me the centre of attention. And as you stomped off in fury, you automatically assumed the role of the spoilsport. Had you stayed on and heard us out, many of us would have left the Town Hall honestly believing that you are “a Chief Minister with a Difference’’. Instead….
You have spoken of the brain drain from Bengal so many times. I hold offers from the University College London and the School of Oriental and African Studies to study development and administration. I too will probably leave, and now you know the reason why.
A simple woman
(Presidency University, political science)

So This is how it should be dealt  Mamata ??

Bravo...Taniya Bharadwaj may just need protection from the simple goons of the simple man....
I support this girl?? do you??
Share it with the world.... Show your support

-Prakhyath Rai N

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sarika Baheti-An Achiever

Here is the Second Interview in our blog. We had an exclusive email based long interview with this pretty lady here. This lady is one of most multi-talented,multi-skilled and very friendly in nature I have seen.She will be a definite role model for many.  

Let me Introduce Sarika to my readers:

·  Director @ Vectus Industries Ltd. (1991-Present);
. Chairperson @ “Neeranjali”, NGO for Water Conservation;
. Formula 1 Marshal, Grand Prix, India;
·  Professional Voice-over Artist;
. ex-volunteer Teacher at "Amitasha", School for underprivileged girls;
·  ex-Editor with RWA magazine & in-house Club magazine;
·  ex-Cultural Secretary for two years with a Socio-charitable club of South Delhi;
.  Intervention Officer at F1, GP, India.
.  Autocross '11 Official.  Autocross ‘10 participant;
·  Winner at 1st position in Women’s Car Rally ’10;
·  Participation in Women Car Rally ’09 organized by Forum for Breast Cancer Protection;
·  Indo-European Dance Festival 2010 at Shri Ram Centre;
·  Regular volunteer for Annual free Surgical Camp for the poor at Barabanki, Lucknow;
·  Various stage performances, dances & anchoring at Kamani Auditorium, IIC, RCC, SRC;
·  Ashley Lobo’s “Dance-Worx”;
·  Distinguished Service Award by MTNL Perfect Health Mela.
·  Adjudged an Inter-college Fashion Show 2005.

Delhi University
NCC (U.K.)
South Delhi Polytechnic of Women
Queen Mary's School

Reading, Writing, Dancing, Listening to music, Swimming, Water & adventure sports, Traveling, Creative-art, and Social work.

With Divine Blessings, married to Ashish Baheti; blessed with a daughter & a son.

So here is the extract of our Interview. 
I termed this "Interview with an Achiever"

Q1:So how do you manage all these things in a
single lifetime?

Simple terms in life called:Interests,Willingness to Learn,Prioritizing;
& Time management

Q2:Is there any incident which changed your way of thinking?

Yes, more than one in fact!
This is referred to a small but significant incident.
When, after having settled my family way,  I started getting occupied with more than one creative activities in hand. I was also appointed as an executive member of a socio-charitable club, to which I had agreed to take up a certain designation. I thought I could do away without attending all its meetings. Once while talking to my mother over the phone, I casually told her that I shall skip going for a scheduled meeting of executives. To which she firmly said that "Either do not take up responsibilities, but once you do, Take it very seriously & with utmost sincerity.". This message stirred me to the core & ever since, I never took anything for granted or lightly.
With Mr. Ravi Mehra, President of ARM "Association of Roto-Moulders"
Q3: So in all your vocations/hobbies you do, which one you consider,
1.Your favorite and why?
2.Is very Tough?
3.Is very Easy?

1. Voice-over recordings: because it is fun as I learn something different with every new assignment (& it pays me as well). 
2. Nothing seems tough as I plan accordingly. I have managed toughest schedules & strenuous tasks with ease. 
3. Everything seems easy as I enjoy doing things I have chosen to do in my life. 

Q4:What are your thoughts for the Gen x Youths? How are they different from your Generation?Dont you feel that the new generation wants package and not passion.?

To me, the new generation seems very promising.
They ought to be different from the previous generation and outgrow the limited mindset of previous generations. They need to change for good in order to make this world a happier & more prosperous place.
The newer generation is intelligent, confident & passionate. But for self-discipline & virtuous qualities, that some might lack, sure need to be inculcated with love & perseverance.

Q5: So do you recommend perfectionism in a particular skill or be a Multitasking Master?

Life can never be PERFECT. I live mine "in pursuit of Excellence"!
For any person to excel career wise, one has to be a master of one. However, it is always wiser to follow a multi-step program to nourish your soul:
a. a work & career that helps you earn money to lead a comfortable life;
b. invigorate grey cells; an inclination towards academics (reading/writing/ solving puzzles etc.) as I firmly believe that life is all about learning. We should continue to learn... perhaps even till our very last breathe out with peace... & a smile with ease.  
c. pursue at least one art form (painting/music/dance etc). This works therapeutically & helps grow spiritually.  
d. one must be physically active, so a sport or game is refreshing & stress buster.
In short, life should be like a beautiful rainbow, emitting all colors of joy. 

Q6:What you think was your best achievement till date?

As for the achievement:
For the passion I have for driving I yearned to go for a car rally & was sure to win it. The best moment came when I won a Women's Car Rally amongst 65 participants in 2010. 

The most incredible moment: 
I wish I was an aviator but for the fact that my family loves me too much & wouldn't want me to GO UP from air up above! Still, as destined, I got this fabulous opportunity to maneuver a Cessna aircraft. It was an ethereal feel!

Another very special achievement for me is that "On papers, I am the 1st Marshal registered  for India's first ever Formula I, Grand Prix". 


Q7:What is that which you think that you didn't achieve still?

Million $ question!!  I am still exploring myself.... :)
Let me put it this way, whatever I have achieved or received so far, makes me qualify as an educated person in this century. Henceforth, whatever I do or get is like extra certificates, diplomas & degrees in my life. I adorn & cherish every "feather in my cap". :)

Q8:So what do you have to say for the Girls who comes home after work and say "Oh god!! Too much work,stress..I just wanna Sleep"? In other words how do you manage to be fit and beautiful ;) ?

Each one of us has a different capacity to handle stress & stamina to work relentlessly. So my message to the women folk is, "Girls, take up only as much as you can handle. Understand your responsibilities & Prioritize!"
To me, my family is my utmost priority. Then comes my home, my work (professional & social welfare activities) & then relatives/friends.
I am a person who works with dedication. I save all my time by NOT going to beauty parlors/salons or ladies kitties or watch t.v..
As for my fitness & physical attributes, I would rather give credit to the Divine blessings & also the inherited genes and the satisfaction I derive out of my hard work and social services.

P.S. In fact, your question makes me feel guilty of not giving enough time to my own self.  
Q9:And Name any  5 people whom you consider as your Inspiration/Role model?
Any 4 favorite songs?Any 3 Actors/Actresses who you think are awesome?Any 2 Singers you will love to hear them again?Any 1 Movie which means a lot to you?

1. People I am inspired by:
My Father: for Impeccable way of working & remain active. He used to walk so fast when he would go to drop me to my school bus stop that I would almost run behind him with my tiny steps.
    My Mother: to love & care  unconditionally.
    My maternal grandfather: To pursue Learning through reading. I loved to arrange the books in his library during my vacations and would land up selecting books which I would read after I finished the     chore.
    My husband: Punctuality     
    By each person I meet: We have so much to learn from each individual & incident, "What to be & what not to be!". 
2. Fav songs: Summer holidays by Cliff Richards
     Dance little lady dance by Tina Charles
  Itni shakti humein dena daata (a prayer song)
All songs of Veer Zara
All songs of Lagaan
3. Amitabh Bachchan
    Aamir Khan
    Preity Zinta  
4. Singers: Kishore Kumar
                  Shreya Ghoshal
5. Lagaan

Q10:Which is that one question which you have the answer and no one till now questioned? :)

Now, you make me ponder upon that!! 
The question no one dares to ask:

"What shall be your last wish?"
My last wish would be to donate all the possible healthy organs, after I have breathed my last. 

So This is her!!! A wonderful lady I have ever met. A friendly Women, All time smart.. I dont have any words left.. Gosh!

Wanna Socialize??!/sarikabaheti 

So found this interview interesting? do share this with your friends,Follow my blog.

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