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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Exclusive Interview with Indian Home Maker

So here I am with another interview with a famous blogger, IHM, Indian Home Maker.

I just randomly went through her blog few years back and since then I am her regular follower. Her blog is all about fighting against female injustice. And presently its one of the challenging issues which India is facing.

So we had a email based interview, a sweet interview. and I am thankful to her for spending her most precious time for this Interview

Prakhyath: Hello IHM

IHM: Hello Prakhyath,

(First and Foremost I asked what's her name, But she responded saying she will like it to known as IHM )

Prakhyath:Did you ever think for the first time that your post will have a splendid response from the readers  all over the world.

IHM : No I didn't, and but it's good to have a place to share one's opinion.

Prakhyath: How do you manage the time all over. I believe you are a perfect home maker as well as a perfect blogger.

IHM : Isn't perfection subjective and hence impossible? What is perfect for one person could be imperfect for someone else...  the blog is simply a place to interact with those who have opinions about the same issues. 

Prakhyath: Honestly, I feel your blog has touched millions hearts. A true example of using your time to the fullest. What do you wanna do in the near future.? something more than a blog?

IHM : I hope to continue blogging, like most bloggers now the blog feels like an online home :) I also plan to publish the collection of posts on Feminism, that won the TRBA 2011.

Prakhyath: Rape is the biggest concern in India, Do we have a permanent solution to remove this dead evil from the society?

IHM :  Not a permanent solution, not sure that is even possible, but definitely deterrents would help. 
As of now our culture actually protects rapists by making it very difficult for rape survivors/victims to report rapes, by blaming, shaming, naming the victim. 
A better conviction rate; sexual assaults being taken seriously; support, empathy, counselling for the victim; faster, clearly laid out procedures to ensure medical reports, investigations etc are carried out without the usual lackadaisical attitude.
Unequivocal condemnation (and shame, blame, name etc) for the rapists; and an end of looking at street sexual harassment as light hearted teasing - eve teasing. 
It would help tremendously if rapists do not hear the victim being held responsible for their crimes.
Also campaigns to explain that Only Yes means Yes, whether the victim is a sex worker, a date, a person with active sex life - sex without consent is rape, and that rape is a serious and punishable crime. The Tehelka sting exposed the ignorance (or misogyny) of the cops - some of who seem to have no concept of consent. If we seriously want to deal with sexual crimes, education about consent and personal autonomy would be like a huge first step.

Prakhyath: How do you see the future of India? Definitely not in the safe hands now. how are we gonna survive ?

IHM :  In politics? Hopefully we will see newer faces emerging, and hopefully we will support them and bring them to power... 

Socially I think we are better than we have ever been before. We are questioning oppressive norms like we have never done before and in general... for example, the simple fact that more rapes are being acknowledged as rapes (and not as lessons the victim deserved, or dishonor and ruined life for the victim). 
Now it is a crime to sexually harass a colleague or an employee. Now it's possible for a rapist in position of power to be taken to court - unlike ever in the past. 

Although daughters have never been welcome in Indian families, now we are not only questioning it, we even have laws (not enough, but more than ever before) to help change attitudes. 

Unfortunately we also hear voices against these changes, but I am confident that we are going to see a more humane society in the coming times.

Prakhyath: For all these rapists, I believe they are using the girl's lack of physical strength as an advantage. Don't you think martial arts/gym and being strong will help them?Do you believe in self-defense kit for girls to fight rape?

IHM : I should blog about this. While physical fitness would help in any crime or violent situation, I am not sure if it would protect a woman from a gang of, say eight or ten, or even four violent criminals. But since most rapists are someone known to the victim, it might help in dealing with acquaintance rape, where there is only physical force being used and not some other form of coercion (like blackmail or verbal threats). 

Martial arts require a lot fo practice, how much time should women be expected to devote to keeping themselves safe from sexual assaults? Also not all victims are young adults, there are also the disabled and older women and children, not sure who and how much gym and fitness would help. But I am sure, it could give confidence and could ensure that they are able to escape if and when there is a chance to escape. Being able to jump over a wall or fence, being able to run reasonably fast, being able to drive, use a cell phone, knowing emergency numbers etc would also be equally helpful.

Thanks for your Interview. Wish you all luck ahead!!

About IHM:
She blogs about the everyday life of an urban Indian homemaker and her reactions to what’s happening in the world around her. So she blogs against violence and intolerance, and against our use of tradition, culture and religion to justify anything that common sense might refuse to accept; she write against gender bias, (a lot of this), and the biases against girl children even in educated families; against all stifling stereotypes, about her kids (teenage son and daughter), pets and family, her domestic helpers, her neighbors and friends, and animal rights and politics etc. And about her blogging experience : )
Blogging is cathartic for her. Injustice and cruelty  bothers her. She feel there’s always something we can do. When we can do nothing else, we can create awareness.

IHM Facebook Page

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jacintha Saldanha suicide:Pranks gone wrong

What was the prank?
Two presenters from Australia's 2DayFM radio station, Mel Greigand Michael Christian, called King Edward VII hospital, pretending to be William's grandmother Queen Elizabeth and his father Prince Charles.

Despite unconvincing accents, presenters Michael Christian and Mel Greig were put through to the ward where Kate was being treated and were given details about how she was faring.

Saldanha, who shifted to Britain from Mangalore some 10 years ago, had answered the call as it was early morning and there were no receptionists on duty, and had passed it to a nurse on the ward.

A recording of the call was widely available on the Internet and many newspapers printed a transcript of the call.

She is believed to have killed herself after suffering the humiliation of having to listen to her voice on television and radio asking the pretend Queen to hold on while she passed on the call to Kate's nurse.

Her death comes days after the King Edward VII hospital apologised for being duped by an Australian radio station and relaying details about Kate's condition which made headlines around the globe.

"It is with very deep sadness that we confirm the tragic death of a member of our nursing staff, Jacintha Saldanha," John Lofthouse, the King Edward's chief executive told reporters outside the central London hospital.

"We can confirm that Jacintha was recently the victim of a hoax call to the hospital. The hospital had been supporting her throughout this difficult time."

The radio station launched its stunt in the wake of a frenzy of media attention in Britain and worldwide after officials announced Kate was pregnant with a future British king or queen.
While I am sorry for her death. The two hosts did not cause her suicide.Charging them for murder will not bring her back nor will it bring any solace to her family. People have to realize that this was a joke gone horribly wrong, but she was not intentionally harmed.The hosts did not badger her or shame her or bully her. I feel bad for her family and all that they are going through, but lets not forget that she had the ultimate say in whether she lived or died. 
Suicide is a not a permanent solution to a temporary problem.