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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Modi Vs Mohan

The below excerpt from yahoo india:
 Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has said that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh lacks both vision andgumption to run the country.
"He (Dr. Singh) lacks the vision and gumption to run the country. Before he was the country's finance minister, for the discovery, mining and processing of uranium there used to be a set budget for its extraction. But since he became the finance minister not even a rupee has been spent from that budget. And later, after becoming Prime Minister he tried to approach America for all these things," Modi told a gathering at an event here.
"Today, if the entire world needs uranium someday, then these verynortheastern states are the ones who hold some deposits of this chemical. Why shouldn't this be pondered on and policies be formulated in that direction? Why can't we emerge as a nuclear power with our own resources? But sadly, there is no vision, or courage, though there is a pressure and problem here this needs to be understood and identified in order to change the current scenario," he said.
Modi further trained his guns on Nehru-Gandhi family by alleging that they have tried to distort history to their benefit and worked towards camouflaging the importance due to northeastern states.
"Events related to patriotism should have found more exposure; and people should have been made aware of such inspirational personalities so that the young generation could draw immense motivation," he said.
"Some people laid down their lives for the country, many even spent their entire lives in jails of Andaman or were even executed. If these incidents come to light then what harm will it do to one particular family (Gandhis)? And, it is in this worry that the entire history is being deliberately distorted," he added.
He further spoke out against former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by saying that she tried to dismember the northeastern states from the country for vote bank politics.
"Indira Gandhi had committed a big sin, I will just speak of one as she committed many of them. Known for her secular inclination, when she was contesting polls in northeast, the Congress Party mentioned in their manifesto that mentioned if they win, then they would bring in a rule synonymous to that in the Bible. Can you imagine that if such is the stance while you are running the country then separatist forces would be at such a high advantage; back then no one questioned her secularism," said Modi.

My Views:
So MMS is dumb ?? Oh I meant ManMohanSingh :P
Read the below extract why I support Modi. Can Manmohan show that he rules india with his sense . nopes... IMPOSSIBLE.
An American weekly news magazine published since 1923, TIME is the world’s largest circulation news weekly with a readership of 25 million, of which 20 million are in the US. Its latest edition puts Modi in the erstwhile company of Indian greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi – who also adorned its cover.
Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat; has transformed Gujarat into a developmental success story appreciated the world over! TIME endorses this 10-year-long journey of progress – of the state becoming “India’s most industrialized and business-friendly territory”. It further identifies the drivers of this success as “good planning – exactly what so much of India lacks”, and a leader with the “ability to get things done”.
Appreciating how Gujarat has “largely escaped the land conflicts and petty corruption that often paralyze growth elsewhere in the nation”, the article talks of how “Modi has set about revamping the State’s economy” leveraging on Gujarat’s natural advantages. Amongst the State’s many strengths that the article mentions, is Gujarat’s being the only state in India where both big businesses and small farmers can expect 24 hours uninterrupted power supply – with “the premium rates paid by big business used to subsidize rural electrification.” Further examples include the establishment of a “streamlined bureaucracy”; as well as the State’s emergence as an Auto-hub over the last 10 years – with Gujarat’s auto industry growing “from one modest plant to an expected capacity of 700,000 cars in 2014”.
Praising Narendra Modi the person as well, TIME highlights how unlike many other politicians, “Modi doesn’t put his faith on display”, having no religious icons in his office – which instead has only statues of his hero, Swami Vivekananda. It further points out how “in a country where nepotism and dynastic politics are the norm, Modi’s family is invisible.”

TIME acknowledges that “Modi Means Business”. It also recognizes the public perception of his being seen as a “firm, no-nonsense leader who will set the nation on a course of development that might finally put it on par with China”. Maybe it’s about time, the Indian Media takes a cue from America’s TIME – giving credit where it is due, and recognizing the direction of the blowing winds …
Listed below are sections copied verbatim from the article in TIME Magazine:
“What’s certain is that during his 10 years in power in Gujarat, the state has become India’s most industrialized and business-friendly territory, having largely escaped the land conflicts and petty corruption that often paralyze growth elsewhere in the nation.”
“Gujarat’s $85 billion economy may not be the largest in India, but it has prospered without the benefit of natural resources, fertile farmland, a big population center like Mumbai or a lucrative high-tech hub like Bangalore. Gujarat’s success, even Modi’s detractors acknowledge, is a result of good planning — exactly what so much of India lacks.”
“But when others think of someone who can bring India out of the mire of chronic corruption and inefficiency — of a firm, no-nonsense leader who will set the nation on a course of development that might finally put it on par with China — they think of Modi.”
“Modi has set about revamping the state’s economy by attracting high-value manufacturing companies, whose bosses are now among his staunchest backers.”
“Modi took Gujarat’s natural advantages — its long coastline, nonunionized labor force and a developable land bank of thousands of acres — and added the streamlined bureaucracy and reliable electricity supply that big industry craves. Today Gujarat is the only state in India where both big businesses and small farmers can expect an uninterrupted power supply for nearly 24 hours a day, with the premium rates paid by big business used to subsidize rural electrification.”
“In 10 years, Gujarat’s auto industry has grown from one modest plant to an expected capacity of 700,000 cars in 2014, including billion-dollar investments announced last year by Ford and Peugeot. “It is not luck,” Modi says. “It’s a carefully devised process.””
“His ability to get things done is in stark contrast to the Congress-led central government in New Delhi.”
“In a recent opinion poll by the magazine India Today, 24% of those surveyed thought Modi should be the next Prime Minister; Rahul Gandhi polled 17%.”
“his successes at the state level — two re-elections with solid majorities and an unmatched record on economic growth
“Unlike many Indian politicians, though, Modi doesn’t put his faith on display. There are no religious icons in his office; the only adornments are two statues of his hero, the philosopher Swami Vivekananda.”
“In a country where nepotism and dynastic politics are the norm, Modi’s family (he is the middle child of nine siblings) is invisible. One younger brother works in the state government but “he has never come to my office in the last 10 years,” Modi says. “This is the discipline in my family, and I feel proud of it.”

So whom do you support??

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion and your Sun sign

Come what may, an Aries will ALWAYS look good. Whether it is a last minute purchase or a carefully chosen dress, trust an Aries to look great. The same thing may look ordinary on anyone else, but an Aries can make it look right out of a designer store! Fashionable clothes and nice make-up, that`s an Aries!
Stars: Lara Dutta, Victoria Beckham, Robert Downey Jr
Ah! The choosy Taurus will take time to decide what they are going to wear, even if it is for a walk! Taureans love to look good and will give a lot of thought to their clothes. Of course, expect a Bull to buy tasteful and exclusive clothes. With careful planning and exclusive clothes, a Taurean will look well-turned out. Expensive, that`s the Bull!
Stars: Penelope Cruz, David Beckham, Megan Fox
Blue or white? Checks or plain? Trust a Gemini to always be locked between two choices at any given time! A Gemini will always end up wearing a lot of clothes and discarding them before wearing something totally different than the original choice. But, expect the twins to always carry off whatever they wear with style. AND they have the largest wardrobe, of course!
Stars: Sonam Kapoor, Angelina Jolie, Sonakshi Sinha
The Crab does mood dressing. Blue or grey when sad, red when upbeat, orange when hopeful. The Cancerian always knows what he/she is trying to show. Also, a Cancerian will always be found neatly dressed, if not in the most expensive of clothes. Good and `different` clothes are their trademark. They also like to accessorize and be casual.
Stars: Katrina Kaif, Tom Cruise, Priyanka Chopra
The Lions love their colours to be solid, deep, dark and their fabrics unfaded. A Leo is not afraid to make a statement with his/her clothes although they are choosy about what kind of statement they make, and how. And, Leo might just be tempted sometimes to tell someone they want to impress just what brand they are wearing.
Stars: Charlize Theron, Genelia D’souza, Saif Ali Khan
A Virgo will darn their clothes even before the first hint of wear! They mend their hems and replace their buttons. This sign is very particular about cleanliness and makes sure their clothes are always colour coordinated. Is it any wonder they are always well-turned out?
Stars: Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Blake Lively
Here`s a perfectly dressed person. A Libra never wears too much or too little. Whatever the weather outside, a Libran is always prepared. Also, this sign knows how to balance it all: not a shirt more not a dress less. The Libran will follow fashionable recommendations only if they feel it suits them. They create a personal style and make that a fashion statement!
Stars: Kate Winslet, Monica Bellucci, Ranbir Kapoor
Honestly, it doesn`t really matter what a Scorpio wears, because people are going to notice them anyway! Who has the time to notice clothes when the person is as sexy and wow as a Scorpio? The Scorpio isn`t afraid of experiments and can turn old clothes into the most fashionable of all. Bright colours, silhouettes and trimmings are something the Scorpio loves.
Stars: Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan, Demi Moore
The busy Sagittarius is too occupied with other things to be bothered about dressing up. The Archer wants to wear clothes that will serve them under any kind of weather condition. What`s interesting is that they always manage to look pretty hot, too. 

Stars: John Abraham, Brad Pitt, Diya Mirza
Capricorn likes natural fabrics. The Goat likes to dress practically, and no synthetics, please! They are a little finicky, but they always come out looking understated, elegant and good! They have a very nice taste and prefer to be traditional in their dressing style. Jewels are not something a Cappie is fond of, unless they are family jewels.
Stars: Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan
Here is a practical dresser. An Aquarian would rather wear jeans. They hate to be dressed to kill. You would find this Water Bearer always keeping it simple. You will find an Aquarian dressed in whatever he/she likes the best, not necessarily what`s in fashion. Comfort, not trendsetting, is their mantra.
Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Preity Zinta, Mischa Barton
Ah! The Fish doesn`t care about the latest fashion. They prefer clothes that breathe, natural fabrics, nothing synthetic. They also like clothes with `different` sort of cuts. A Piscean has taste and will be dressed nattily, with a good colour combination. And, yes, a Pisces just can`t have enough footwear!
Stars: Rachel Weisz, Aamir Khan, Drew Barrymore