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Monday, March 30, 2015

I dream of my friend But He is Dead!

Yes I get dreams of my dead friend! 
Oh look it’s scary for people who don't know him, for those who didn't even meet him. But do you know what this means to me? it’s happiness. 

I stay alone in the same room where my roommate stayed with me for 2 long years. He met with an terrific accident recently. The last thing I talked to him in person was “Dude, take care”.He just smiled and put his helmet and went away.He didn't come back.

He is still living with me , once In a while he comes in my dreams, talks to me and goes off. Sometimes I miss him here and curse him saying "kyun bhai, itna jaldi kya tha" .

The last dream that I saw was that he comes back and I hug him. I see he has put on weight and I say “ Bhai, marne ke baad weight aur bhi bada diya. Gym join karna jaldi”. 
He didn't say anything. Thats all I know about that dream.

I don’t usually discuss with people about this. But still there are so many people asking me if I feel scared staying alone. I say, I really don’t. Though I miss him, I feel that he is here somewhere helping me , blessing me. I know , It’s a bit weird for most of us. But you know right, this is how I feel. After all I lost a closed one and no one can replace it, not even his ghost.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I don't have enough time to Pursue my Goal

Lets take this image below:

Perhaps, I always want my life to be hard with challenges and I do something great so that I overcome to fear and give something to the needy. This is my goal. Each one has their own goal.
Forget the 16 hours per day that goes in sleeping and working.

You still have 52 hours in a week to pursue your goal.

I feel like reinventing my life and here is the common tool how I should do it. Quit, love and Move.

  1. QUIT what you'd rather not be doing.
  2. Fill your time with what you LOVE.
  3. Always MOVE to where the grass is greener.

Keep in mind:
  • Hesitation and laziness are your enemy.
  • Courage is your friend. Go with the gut feeling
  • Resistance to change increases with age. So do something great when you are young. I mean Right now.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

India's Son

BBC has its own view, India has been so ignorant of taking itself to Oscar's with slum dog millionaire without realizing that Slum Dog Millionaire was actually a shame. Though we feel that It was rightly portrayed. Instead of working towards development , we glorify our under development so much that people outside are curious to make a documentary and make money in the expense of the world laughing at us.

I am happy to see my sisters supporting the ban because they realize that 90% of India's sons doesn't or won't rape.

Now lets talk about the image above where German professor is not allowing Indian students.
Who is shamed? India's Son? Rape is a problem in India, like terrorism is a problem in Pakistan..But that doesn't means the whole 18 million people of Pakistan are terrorists or 1 billion people of India are Rapists. It doesn't mean every India's Son is a rapist.

I am ready to protect my sister, cousins in any cause, even if it takes down my life. This is what India's Son is.  India's Son doesn't rape. 

Credits: Shanknaad

Now with this statistics, Is U.S going to be taught a lesson about rapes by BBC? We already had the president coming here and talking about religious tolerance. Wish he had first rectified his own people and imposing strict punishments there.

I like to call up the below statement from a blog post. Source here

"Don't make India anti-men in a bid to make it pro-women. India doesn't need misandry in garb of feminism. "

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 1: The Start!

Here is the start..  I thought it was important to document this in web accessible by everyone.  May be you might have something to learn from my learnings.

My primary goal right now is to be more productive! Its good to relax right amount,  but its bad to be lazy.  Most people don't realize that over relaxation is laziness.  To do that we need to be fit.

Today, I woke up damn late, I started the day with direct brunch. Got my vehicle cleaned. Then I cleaned my house. so some calories lost.  Got a new cot and a new bed.  Arranged it in a nice way.  Simple things at right time gives you that simple happiness.  It doesn't need one to get a lamborgini and be happy.  Start with Maruti Alto..  Well,  I am just there..  right in the start.

Jim Carrey once said that he wished god gave us all the money and luxury and then you will realise that the purpose of life is not that.  A Sadhu said,  we live only to give,  there is nothing we can take from this life.

So the day was very productive..  Cleaning the stuff,  good food,  more blogging,  more peace and hopefully a great nights sleep.

My favourite picture here...