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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Friends that Matter- Part 2

Best part of being a blogger is that I can write about you anytime. Now since I have written one post already , I am continuing the same here.

Zabi ,
Dude, you are one awesome person I could ever meet. Despite our disagreements, we still agree to the extent that our disagreements wouldn't even matter. He bullies me many times and I bully him twice the amount from cafeteria to facebook comments. A huge SRK fan even though he knows that most of his movies recently are shit. Get well soon brother.

A true masterpiece from the gods design partner program. She is someone I can bank in my life for anything. She is overwhelmingly truthful which is bad but not sad. Now that she is in the main page of my diary and will continue to be forever, I have an extra responsibility to make her smile everyday.

She travels from TN to bangalore daily to attend the office. Big drama queen- but bearable. Down to earth attitude. Addicted to her silly humor. 

A friendship repaired when there was nothing required to repair. Filled in her own world, we have a beautiful bond of friendship- something unique something pure. A extraordinary dedicated sweetest friend anyone can ever get. 
 I dedicated this pic in her wall. Lol

So dear friends, hope you liked my dedication in my blog. Just make sure to keep in touch like you always do. Go away from me and I will kill you like Game of thrones.