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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Get the Best when you are Low on Energy

Low on Energy

At times in my life, I find a little low in my energy - Then I write. Why writing? It is a stress buster to myself , like a gym to my mental health. Mental health needs nutrients like writing, reading, singing, art etc to be more sound.

What do you do when your head is blank? This seems to connect with what writers call them 'writers block'.This may be also said that your energy is low, you dont feel like doing anything.I suggest to do either of the one- exercise or sleep. Both of this should be done without thinking anything- not even what is happening to your life now. Exercise makes your blood flow better and eventually gets your 'feel good' hormones to rise.

Being productive will add more sense to make your life a better one. A sense of urgency will always give you more stress. Keep calm, create more free time to yourself and work on being better.

What can you do when you feel low on energy?
- set a timer for 25 mins and just scribble what you are feeling right now. Edit it later. Forget grammar, just keep writing
- Go for jogging- start with small pace and add more pace. Running really brings the energy back.
- Music, listen to your favourite music again.
- Youtube motivational videos, there are tons of motivational videos in you-tube which will help you energized.
- Clean your room or workspace and feel accomplished.

What not to do?
-Food :unless you are really hungry, you will end up over eating
-Listening to sad songs
-Watching depression movies.

Focus on permanent (Click this link for recommended Online therapy) solution, you may do drugs or alcohol to temporarily feel better, but eventually it kills. Get small accomplishments and build on it. Use your low energy to better habits and build more better harnished energy.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mini Habits Series: #1 One Bucket Water Showers

It seems we take most of our decisions in showers where the water and mind is continuously running in the background and we are in a hypnotic state of mind where we dont know what we are doing.

It seems we don't care how much water is gone, we just kinda like it that way deliberately wasting precious resources- water and time.

So I thought let me take a step to end this from my side. I have used only one bucket of water today instead of unlimited showers. This is my today's mini habit.