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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Artist Interview with RJ Vishwas

Before writing this post, I would like to Thank Vishwas for bearing with me for my long (in terms of time) Interview.

So let me Introduce you people about this RJ

Have learnt bharatanatyam at the age of 2 yrs .
Have acted in 18 kannada films 
Won the best child artiste for the kannada movie Kraurya (National award -1995-1996)
Won the KANFIDA award for the same
Won the title prathiba Rathna by murigha rajendra swami
The Only RJ from Karnataka to enter into LIMCA book of records in 2008-09.
6+yrs of radio experience and 9 yrs of media experience (Vjng etc).
Currently Programming head @ BIG FM Mangalore

So This is how our Interview goes!!!

What do you love to do the most in this life?

-Make the most of this life. I may be ticking towards my 30's in couple of years but i believe i do have the experience of a 50 year old coz we don't make the most of what we have. time, education career etc.

I would want to have a road being named after me in Mangalore !!!! crazy am not  freedom fighter nor celeb but why? may be a day will come :) 

Well ,who are your greatest inspiration of all times??

-Source of inspiration are the Haves and have not's

 Those who have made a name for themself and climbed the ladder of success and have seen the better world are one part
secondly are those who are devoid of opportunity and have made it to some level but cannot go further are the second set of inspiration.
we sometimes think- compare -evaluate ourselves with others and thats how I get inspired- a task to begin- proceed-progress and achieve..
My dad has always been in the forefront, irrespective of my academic background he helped me go through the wind in radio field .

According to you, What is an Indian media  and what are its room for improvement?

-Indian media means a lot ; It is a mode of impact generating machine and we know media influences people and in our society this has been the best example. there is always a cat fight for breaking news ; innovative concepts in print; electronic and broadcast media.
There is always a scope for improvement
  • crime news has become the focal point of attraction; 
  • bogus news like 2012 ; earthquakes mishaps become the 7pm news
  • politicization of news is to be avoided.
  • some are youth friendly programmes but again TRP is the question
  • some channels are on the verge of being stereotype; if one reality show is in forest; other will be in village or abroad!!!
Rather media should mould people to give Correct information and have debates and entertainment together.

What would you wish to do for a better society using mass media? 

-As a responsible jock i have done the following within my permissible limits:

The mayor of the city corporation was invited to studio and he donated 50,000/- to the Blind girl who called up to my show and narrated her story in the show this was the Best human interest story i have done so far
Secondly on radio a lady was given a job who was in need of it by a gram udyog person.

As responsible citizens and especially in media ,i would try to make known people the facts and at the same time give them entertainment.

Highlight concepts about society and involve them with the plans on air in radio.

Do you want to mention people at work or surroundings to thank you for what you are now?

-My parents- dad and mom for giving me the liberty to pursue my passion as my career. My colleagues from Mirchi especially Kiran Kumar, Raghavendra KJ, Fahim , Ganesh iyer , Jimmy Xavier, Pramod  because of whom am independently able to handle a station and also think about content ; on airplanes etc. My friends Shreesha and Vignesh for supporting me since 13 years; and to my better half who is my strongest critic and guides me in every step and is with me as my best friend and spouse.

To god for bestowing talent and giving opportunity without which Vishwas would just be another name ... 

Good work RJ. way to go. Wish you all the luck for your Future
-Prakhyath Rai 
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