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Monday, March 30, 2015

I dream of my friend But He is Dead!

Yes I get dreams of my dead friend! 
Oh look it’s scary for people who don't know him, for those who didn't even meet him. But do you know what this means to me? it’s happiness. 

I stay alone in the same room where my roommate stayed with me for 2 long years. He met with an terrific accident recently. The last thing I talked to him in person was “Dude, take care”.He just smiled and put his helmet and went away.He didn't come back.

He is still living with me , once In a while he comes in my dreams, talks to me and goes off. Sometimes I miss him here and curse him saying "kyun bhai, itna jaldi kya tha" .

The last dream that I saw was that he comes back and I hug him. I see he has put on weight and I say “ Bhai, marne ke baad weight aur bhi bada diya. Gym join karna jaldi”. 
He didn't say anything. Thats all I know about that dream.

I don’t usually discuss with people about this. But still there are so many people asking me if I feel scared staying alone. I say, I really don’t. Though I miss him, I feel that he is here somewhere helping me , blessing me. I know , It’s a bit weird for most of us. But you know right, this is how I feel. After all I lost a closed one and no one can replace it, not even his ghost.


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