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Friday, May 25, 2012

Smoking.How long can you live?

So you very well know my intentions of writing this article.. and I  pretty much use simple english to depict my ideas to people. Well thats how it works..

So I am not blabbering again about how to stop smoking...Try google.. 
Well one thing is you should have a will to stop consuming the smoke and letting out the smoke to your childrens to breathe. If you know what I mean.

Well for all of you.. here is an inspiring small life story.
The Greek God of Bollywood: Hrithik Roshan was caught into a trap of smoking addiction due to stress. Here’s is the story behind what made him quit his addiction for good.
While doing ‘Guzaarish’ Hrithik had got friendly with two patients. John Julius and Ashutosh. John was the bright one but Ashutosh thought the world was a beautiful place but his job here was done. One day when Hrithik looked unwell, Ashutosh questioned him about his health. The weakness was prominent on HR’s face. It was because he had started to smoke for the movie. Ashutosh then made a deal with Hrithik that if he agrees to quit smoking, Ashutosh will start his physiotherapy.
When they met again on a later date, Ashutosh asked Hrithik whether he had quit cigarettes. Unfortunately the stress was so immense that Duggu couldn’t work on getting rid of his addiction. But he promised to leave smoking once and for all on the day ‘Guzaarish’ released. Later being involved in promotions and dubbing of the movie, Hrithik never got a chance to meet Ashutosh. Furthermore, when Hrithik got swamped by how badly the movie was doing on the Box Office, he got more stressed.  Although he had promised to quit, Hrithik kept puffing away packs of cigarettes. His stress and insecurities just din’t let him.
When finally he decided to visit Ashutosh, Hrithik got to know that he had passed away. While on the way to Ashutosh’s funeral, Hrithik triggered a severe reaction of an anti-biotic drug combined with smoking, which was so dangerous that the doctors called it a narrow escape. If Hrithik was late for two more minutes, he would have been dead.
Ever since that day, Hrithik decided not to touch the pack of puffs and thanks Ashutosh everyday for saving his life from his monstrous habit. It’s almost been a year since Duggu smoked last and believes that this is his second life gifted to him by Ashutosh’s well wishes for him.

Now that he has stopped smoking... Uff why am I saying this...sorry.. there may be many haters here..
Anyways you decide ..its your life.

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One Free advice.
-Prakhyath Rai N
And I dont smoke. :)

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