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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Don't know why I am writing this.  I am writing this blog because I just want to write today.  To say something to me, from me and of me. Today,  I felt like changing to a new person to feel a overnight success so that some people shut thier mouth.  But then no one can be a overnight success unless they work for it. It takes 8 to 20yrs of hard work.

Messi was asked about his sudden fame,  He said that It took him 17 years of hardwork for what people call an overnight success.

Picasso was asked to draw something amazing to an audience. He drew it in 10secs and then charged it 500$. Audience was shocked and asked him why did he charge that huge amount for a 10 sec painting.  He said it took him 20 years of sheer hardwork so that he can paint something in 10secs.

So its not the quantity or the time taken for your task that matters.  Its the quality which counts.  This can be done by incrementalism,  doing small great things day by day so that you get that overnight success.

Pic Creditsb Robin Sharma Facebook page


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