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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things I wished I had in my school/college time. #CloudBlogathon

Indiblogger asked me to tell them what I wish I had in your school or college, and how it would have helped you. Below listing are Ideas and Things which i wished I should have had in college.

1. How to pay attention in class. I really didn't have patience to keep attention.It would have helped me score more marks smartly.

2. Happiness/mental health comes first, if you don't have enough friends or don't get enough sleep you won't be happy enough to get your work done efficiently

3. Don't hang out with people that will draw you away from college life. This would have helped me get me my friends. 

4. How to form study groups with people (start by doing them a favor, such as giving them the lecture notes for a class they missed, or teaching them how to do something on their problem set). Team work you see. Learnt now. Mass sharing of knowledge is awesome. I do it now through Facebook and linked in groups.

5. Keep your room organized and figure out a plan for getting healthy meals without spending too much time on cooking. Don't eat out every day, you will gain weight and spend a lot of money. Also make sure you have enough clothes for all weather, it really improves your quality of life. In general try to be organized and have the basic life skills down because it will really help.

6. Have a roommate, it's a lot less lonely to come back to your room at night and see that someone else is there. This depends on your style though, and to a large extent it depends on how easy you are to get along with (if you're easy to get along with, you'll find that most of your roommates are good roommates, and if not, you'll find that most of them are bad roommates). I should have got a good roommate though..

7. Take all your notes in the same notebook, and for every class, try to squeeze all the lecture material onto the front and back side of one page. This cuts down on how much you have to carry around with you.:) Thinking now!!

8. Back up your files on Dropbox: I wish Microsoft 365 been there to save my butt when my computer broke. I lost many files then...

9. I wished my apartment had an air conditioner.:) you know why. 

10. SmartPhone with a sexy WIFI router. Internet wherever I go. I really didnt have one. I would have been more smarter :P

11.I had a bit more money,I shouldn't have slept on dorm room bed,instead should have bought my own awesome mattress and use the dorm room bed as a couch. Good sleep is worth it. 

12.Guitar Knowledge. some easy chords learnt ,many more chicks met.

13.Blogging: Should have had a Blog where I post random stuffs about college . would have been more famous. :)

Well there are many more. Wish I had a chance to go to school again with these ideas and things.

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