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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

India Vs Pak- Game Necessary?

India invited Pakistan for a series later this year, their first in five years, in a further sign of improving ties between the neighbors. Reactions to Ind-Pak series later this year.


Well is it really necessary. I wonder how much money would have the media industry bribed to show-cast this India vs Pak cricket -of course people will love it.

One can easily say that we shouldn't mix sports with politics...but we can definitely say that no one should mix sports with terrorism . I want Pakistan to apologize for their involvement in Mumbai 26/11 blast.


Sunil Gavaskar exactly said ""Being a Mumbaikar (hailing from Mumbai), I feel what is the urgency when there is no cooperation from the other side." I respect him for this.

There is possible and there are more clear evidence that 26/11 planner used cricket diplomacy to survey the cities...Indian leaders dont have have spine


Well,where are we heading India??


Let us not forget that there was 26/11 Attack :






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