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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So Was Einstein really the Worlds Most Bad Husband?

The Following were Einsteins Demands ;Ordering his wife Mileva,
An excerpt from   
  1. You will make sure:
    1. that my clothes and laundry are kept in good order;
    2. that I will receive my three meals regularly in my room;
    3. that my bedroom and study are kept neat, and especially that my desk is left for my use only.
  2. You will renounce all personal relations with me insofar as they are not completely necessary for social reasons. Specifically, You will forego:
    1. my sitting at home with you;
    2. my going out or travelling with you.
  3. You will obey the following points in your relations with me:
    1. you will not expect any intimacy from me, nor will you reproach me in any way;
    2. you will stop talking to me if I request it;
    3. you will leave my bedroom or study immediately without protest if I request it.
  4. You will undertake not to belittle me in front of our children, either through words or behavior. 

So was he Really Bad?
I believe the most talented persons never give time for thier family. Similarly,Einstein found it impossible to sustain a successful personal life. Well I agree that here ..But The below person is the Real Worst Husband.
Shah Jahan.Yup..for the following facts.

Fact no 1. Mumtaz was Shahjahan's 4th wife, out of his 7 wives.
Fact no 2. Shah Jahan killed Mumtaz's husband to marry her.
Fact no 3. Mumtaz died in her 14th delivery.
Fact no 4. He then married Mumtaz's sister.

So dont just blame Albert Einstein. He had given many Ideas for us to live in luxury.Think of it
I have heard of many people around my neighborhood who  kicks thier wife daily, Burning thier wife's skin with cigarette .
Albert Einstein was lot better than these Criminals..

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