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Thursday, August 4, 2016

That Perfect Wife

Hold on, there is nothing called perfect wife in this world but why this title for this post?
This is just to indicate that finding that perfect wife is what everyone does when you really have nothing called so.

Why do we want to find someone or something perfect?
I have been through some marriage proposals in the past which I am not proud of. Why? 
Because I aimed at getting the perfect girl when good was 'best' enough.I could have easily moulded her later.

There was this girl who was an inch taller than me with heels. It seemed that it was not perfect and not good enough.Another girl, had her only dreams in marriage settling abroad and she wouldn't even settled for anything less which I happily rejected. Not that I wouldn't be able to do that. This was just the thinking of 'my dreams' rather than 'our collective dreams'.

Then I found her, the one I wanted who was just next to me as my closest friend. But what will it make me chose her amongst all others? Its that I know her good and bad side.I dont care about her past. All that matters is her future in greatness.

I slowly tried to mould her to perfection by advising her to read more books, get wiser. But I failed to mould her because even though it will make her life wiser, it will take her out of her comfort zone to deal with it.

Why do I want my girl to be perfect?
Because knowing life is different.When you start to do things outside of your comfort zone, that is when you see the truth of life. Things are changing and she realises it now. One day I would want my girl to be awesome and stand out in the crowd with prideness that she is knowledgable, intelligent and confident.

That Perfect Wife- doesn't exist.It only needs some few characteristics but It doesn't exist.

You just get perfect life, its tough to get perfect wife.


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