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Friday, May 27, 2016

I saved a life from suicide when the whole colony was just watching

This happened in S.G Palya,Bangalore . I was moving from Jayanagar to SG palya( near forum) and I just finished shifting things.
Around 10 pm, I was reaching my new place and I hear someone crying from the ground floor. I opened the gate to see the whole colony just watching from outside.
Suddenly a small girl around 6 years age comes near me crying and says “Uncle Uncle , my father my father… “. Initially I thought perhaps the father hit the child, but then I see that her father had locked one of the door from inside. I see her mother trying to bang the door as hard as possible but in vain. With full force I bang the door and with three attempts the door opens and I see her father hanging himself and some white liquid( kinda mucous ) in his mouth.I used all my power to catch him and released the sari which he used for hanging. His wife thanked me and even fell on my feet. I was shocked to see that I was able to help save a Life.
Later I came to know that he had hanged himself just because of some small fights regarding purchase of new mobile.
I gave a sarcastic smile to all the people who were watching this from their respective homes and went back to my room.
I was not able to sleep that whole night.I felt so awesome.
And If god gives me the opportunity to save more, I will gladly help without even thinking twice.

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