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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fragrance And Travel

Hey friends,  Here is one evocative travel experience I had some months back when I travelled from Mangalore to Mumbai. 

It was my first road trip  experience with myself in the driving seat during the entire journey. Oh! I so love driving.It makes me feel that I am some superman who does something great even though there are so many damn f1 drivers in the world. Anyways to continue this story, we friends started packing the bags for this road trip.Ipod charge-Check .Laptop and stuffs for blogging on-Check Mobile Charge-Check Baggage Check Fuel check and yes , we are ready.

My friend noted the km set in the meter gauge so that we know how much we spent on fuel and how much this gaadi gives mileage. Indians you see :)

We started the day road trip from mangalore with full music starting with ' Deva Sri Ganesha' song from the movie Agneepath to get bhagwanji's blessings. Well, next song was 'don't you worry child' from Swedish house mafia. We had some great unbeatable travel songs.

Everyone was enjoying the trip but there was something wrong. I checked my car to see if there are any smelly thing inside but found nothing.I was still was not able to enjoy the road trip completely. 
Did someone fart? nope..I opened the window to check after sometime. No effect.
May be a/c is not that great to reduce the sweat smell  of my back seated buggers? So what do i do? push them out and say 'thanks for coming' . But that was not an option. Har ek friend zarori hota hai :( May be one fine day that bugger becomes a police officer and takes this revenge by putting me into jail for some fake notorious criminal charge. 

So I was thinking my brains out and one fine idea stuck to me while I was seeing this cutout in the newspaper in my car.

How about an awesome car perfume. Yes thats Godreg Aer, You saved my trip.

I added this awesome car perfume and drove with complete enjoyment With full of fragrance and love towards my car and to my friends.

It lasts for 60 days with ease. So our road trip was superbly awesome.

-Do not worry about your friend farting.Just turn the a/c. The Godreg aer fragrance will kill his fart :D

-Fragrance lasts longer and is of original quality.

- I hate smoking because I get that smell of my friend sitting next to me.But this fragrance was enough to not get angry on him and educate him. Yes, he slapped me and said mind your own business :D.
The thing is I do hate smokers as I feel they are educated fools who goes to a death bed with complete knowledge of how it will kill them drastically.Fools!

and now the disadvantages:
well, you will always miss your girlfriend/wife, If you are not travelling with them. You know how it kills you right :D 

Till now , I am still not sure of what that rotten smell was like.But then never mind. Now I have  Godreg aer with me :) Thank you Godreg 

Hope you guys liked this post :)


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