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Monday, February 6, 2012

Property Division . Should it be equal?

 The Planning Commission's working group on Women's Agency and Empowerment  have suggested that all assets acquired by a married couple or a couple living together should be classified as joint property and should be divided equally in the event of separation or desertion. The panel asserted that a woman needs to be recognized as an equal partner in a marriage, and her contribution to the household must be valued.

In a country where gender inequality has long-defined society and its laws, and the wealthy can use pre-nups to protect their assets on the pegs of fidelity and faithfulness, it is also a society where most women are not gainfully employed, and have no sense of security. Women often give up their careers and means of livelihood when they start a family, trading high-income jobs to be stay-at-home mothers – a role with no monetary rewards. 

Some thoughts from people:
1.Gender equality is good concept, it should start from very start, where a father or mother should be equally ecstatic when a girl child is born instead of baby boy. (happens, but not always happens). They should treat gal and boy exactly the same. (just not think gal is just to be married to some one outside and only boy will carry forward our dynasty our generation vansh ). Equal share of opportunities, wealth, property, responsibilities by own parents and then it also follows to husband and then it also reflects in society. If your own family treats you different then how society can treat the same. This is a problem and it will take still some more decades to make things exactly equal for gal vs boy. Its every bodies responsibility to make this right. 
Planning commission can take some bull shit or some sense full decisions, that is not answer to all the problems. Problems has to be solved at root. 
Lets together make a better world with equality for all, no biasing/partiality based on gender, cast , creed, religion , state, city or language. 
I love u my country but i do not love some corrupt people here who make this country a bad place to live, also make others to follow them as there is no alternative.

2.Nonsense ! Equality should be earned, not stolen !

This will lead to greedy women who just wanna snatch some money like what we see in they west, they marry and get divorced and steal the money from their husband !

and what if the women makes more money than husband ? nowadays thats becoming very common too..

3.Women's contribution to the acquisition of wealth is certainly much more than what is on the surface. She contributes more by way of sound advice she gives in all the matters of management of wealth. Had she not advised the husband fritters away. More over when women are employed and earning equally it much more than husband's contribution. So in case of separation the property should be divided equally.

So what are your comments?? Use the below comment box to show ur voice.


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