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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Do you Celebrate your Diwali?

Asato Ma sadgamaye,
tamaso Ma jyotir gamaye,
Mrityur Ma amritam gamaye.
From the unreal lead me to the real,
from darkness lead me to light,
and from death lead me to immortality.
-- An ancient Sanskrit prayer

The mention of the word Diwali conjures images of the glow of bright lights against the background of a dark, moonless night. “Diwali” is a corruption of the Sanskrit wordDeepavali, where deep means lamp or light and avali means a row.

Sharath Nandini Desai
Sharath Nandini Desai,
Product manager,Blore

Festival Of lights Celebrations all over the world

Some of my friends answers for my questions:

With whom do you like to spend time on most of the diwali occasions? And How do you celebrate Diwali?

Sharath Nandini Desai:I spend with my husband and cat, I don't celebrate Diwali with crackers as I care for my dogs and cats ... I give sweets and dry fruits to my loved one's and do some creative activities like painting and gardening

Prashant Shetty
Prasanth Shetty,Design Engg
Chethan R Naik
Chethan Naik,Designer,

Chethan Naik:Parents... Reminds me of the childhood days.. and a perfect day to relive those days with the same people who made it special -parents. Crackers have replaced sweets and lights but its one day of the year to spend time with family

Meghana S Shetty,Software Engg,

Meghana S Shetty:Offcourse with my parents.I belong to them.I like the smell of crackers(not many will).Fun while cleaning our home and lighting up Diyas are important part of my celebrations.

Pravin Naik
Pravin Naik,Mech Enggr
Pravin Naik:I would love to celebrate Diwali with my family & friends. I celebrate diwali by meeting those friends to whom i hv'nt met for long tym
Exchanging sweets & gifts

The festival of Diwali brings the message of love and wisdom, of the triumph of Good over Evil. It is a time of family togetherness; of forgiving and forgetting old fights and reuniting. It celebrates everything that is desired and noble in life -- be it prosperity or the end of evil and ignorance. Above all, it is an aesthetically pleasing festival that symbolises the joy of a people for all the blessings they received in the year that was -- and expresses their hope for another prosperous and happy year to come.

Wish you a very Happy Diwali ...Enjoy your Time with friends/family/closed ones. - Prakhyath Rai N


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