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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Most Common Dream symbols....Sweet Dreams...

1.Animals - Instinctive part of self attuned to nature and survival (survival in the social world). Animals sometimes represents one's parents, especially their relationship to a parent (love, hate, etc.). Being chased by an animal may represent some repressed emotion or aggression. Look at the particular animal to determine the symbol it may represent.

2.Baby - may symbolize vulnerability, or your need for love. Also your pure, innocent, true self (other than the ego). It may represent some new development in your life. A baby commonly appears in the dreams of pregnant women and may be a straightforward expression of pregnancy.

3.Clothes Clothes may represent your persona, how you look at yourself and how you feel others may see you. Old and worn out clothes mat symbolize anxiety about your attractiveness or you need to discard some habitual way of thinking.
Changing your clothes may indicate a change in your lifestyle (past, present or future). Clothes in a dream being worn by someone else may suggests that there is some part of you that you relate to in that particular person. 

4.Cross - Represents perfect balance (as in the Christ within or Buddha consciousness). It may be a symbol for a crossroads in your life or a burden to heavy to carry. It also may be a symbol of death, something coming to an end in your life (relationships, job, change of lifestyle, etc).

5.Death - Death or dying in a dream most often represents changes in one's life, something is coming to an end. Very seldom does death symbolize true dying of a person. The old is dying and with the death of the old comes new beginnings. The death and resurrection of Christ is a good example in mythology of the death motif. What it represents is the death of the egoself and its resurrection to a spiritual realization.
A dead person in a dream may relate to past relationships with that particular person. If the dead person is you then consider your true condition as you see it, I feel dead because of my job, life, relationships, etc. Or death may simply represent your anxiety about dying.

6.Falling - Falling may represent your real life fear of letting go of something or someone. It also may suggest a loss of controlling a situation. Self-inflation is another possibility. Are you above yourself and due a fall? 

7.Food - Food represents knowledge. Physically food nourishes the body. Mentally knowledge nourishes the mind, thus the old adage of "food for thought". 

8.Devil - Evil spirits, not necessarily religious. It may represent some repressed emotions that need to be expressed. It may symbolize a need to change one's behavior (devilish) and find a spiritual center.

9.Hair - Represents knowledge, most often conscious knowledge (or the lack of). Abundant hair may signify virility or male sexuality (Freud). Cutting hair may symbolize loss of virility, or castration. Loss of hair may express a fear of getting old or being unwanted.

10.Hands - Symbolize ability, particularly practical and social abilities. Tied hands represent a feeling of an inability to succeed in a particular endeavor. Washing your hands often symbolizes guilt- what are you trying to get rid of?

11.House - A symbol representing yourself. The rooms or different floors may represent emotions, attitudes, complexes, ideas. Going upstairs symbolizes conscious thinking. The basement represents the deep unconscious.

12.Killing - May represent repression/suppression of some aspect of yourself - you want or need to kill that part of your personality. May indicate hatred or envy between siblings or hostility towards some person. Also putting an end to negative feelings or unwanted situations in one's life.

13.Marriage - A blending of intellectual and intuitive parts or masculine and feminine aspects of oneself. A bridge between the conscious mind and the unconscious self (as in dreams).


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